Roadside Maintenance Services in Elliot







Roadside Furniture Maintenance — Contracting in Elliot, NT
Roadside Maintenance — Contracting in Elliot, NT
Triple P Contracting is a popular Northern Territory Government tenderer for roadside maintenance services. Thanks to our flexibility, ability to provide to the rural areas of the lower-Katherine and Barkly region and our skilled work crew, we ensure the highways look their best.

With our ability to provide as small or large a team as required, our labour crews are designed to fit your allocated budget. We take great pride in our services being of the highest quality, whether we’re providing mowing, slashing, weed control or other required task.

For the past 3 years Triple P Contracting has provided roadside slashing services for two DIPL Contractors.

Each year we have slashed without direct supervision on both the Carpentaria and Stuart Highways. We undertake the open cut and full cut for both contractors on both Highways.

In 2017 Triple P Contracting very successfully completed a roadside slashing contract in WA for Vergeworks. This project confirmed Triple P Contracting’s ability to get staff trained to meet different jurisdictional requirements; undertake vehicle and machinery enhancements to meet different jurisdictional requirements; and manage employees and projects in very remote locations. Triple P Contracting ran a team of two tractors and 5 employees to complete this work in a timely manner. Triple P Contracting has sufficient general and specialised equipment, tools and materials to carry out the Work, including but not limited to John Deere Tractor 6125M (1yr old), 2 x 6m Rhino Slashers (both 1 year old), motor vehicles with emergency/pilot warning lights, John Deere Ride on mower and wiper snipers.

For the past 3 years Triple P Contracting has held Roadside Amenities Maintenance contracts with Katherine DIPL and the Tennant Creek DIPL servicing a section of Stuart Highway and Carpentaria Highway. This involves weekly to fortnightly rubbish run trips, ensuring bins are empty and no rubbish on the ground, water tanks have water, taps are functioning, grass areas are maintained, toilets facilities are clean. The Road side Amenities Maintenance for both contracts is more than 1000km all round trip.

In 2017 Triple P Contracting had a work crew contracted by the Tennant Creek DIPL to paint bridges at George Redmond Crossing bridges 35kms North of Elliott, which this included traffic control and a team of 6.

Our aim is to ensure the safety of locals and visitors to our area while using roads and footpaths. By incorporating traffic control, road sweeping and minor pavement repairs into our services, we maintain the high standards we set in our mission statement.

For all tender enquiries, please contact our Elliott-based contractors.