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Northern Territory land is unique. At Triple P Contracting, our Elliott labour hire crew are trained in the specific jobs required to keep our region looking its best for now and sustainably in the future.

One of the many services we provide is weed spraying. Some of our past jobs have included large-scale spraying work for the Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) and pastoral companies. With our knowledge we can help prevent weed germination.

As our 90% indigenous team receive up skilling relevant to the areas we work in, we’re able to provide fencing, slashing, brush cutting and a range of other land management services. Our aim is to help Northern Territory communities and Pastoralists thrive for generations to come.

Triple P Contracting has the relevant experience, capability and equipment to fulfil weed spraying contracts and has provided commercial weed spraying services for the past three years. Primarily the services have involved spraying sizable tracts of pastoral land with a focus on Parkinsonia. Some of the projects have involved camped out bush for up to 10 days, with a team of 5-6 men. All-terrain vehicles and hand spray units are primarily used for this work.

Triple P Contracting uses electronic devices, with cybertracker software, to map weed infestations and can provide electronic and hardcopy reports of gps mapped areas of infestations that have been treated or remain untreated.

Triple P Contracting has a Professional Ground Spraying Business Licence.

The Director and other staff engaged in chemical application have completed relevant chemcert training.

Triple P Contracting has undertaken weed spraying at the roadside stops as part of our NT Govt roadside amenities contracts.

Hire an Elliott land management team who are trained specifically for your area. Call us at Triple P Contracting today.
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